30 years experience in the book appraisal business
If you choose Bookappraising.com for your book appraisal, I will personally do the research. Because I have 30 years experience  full time in the antiquarian book business, I will able to complete the appraisal in a more efficient and timely manner than someone with less experience. The reasons for this are simple. An inexperienced person will have to look up prices and research every book. An experienced appraiser like myself  would only have to check prices on 25 - 50% of the titles, thereby saving the client hundreds, if not thousands of dollars.  For tax related appraisals it is particularly important to have your appraisal prepared by someone with experience in the business and a long history of appraisals submitted to the IRS or to insurance companies.  


Once your books are damaged it may be too late to insure them. Protect your valuable investment. Have your collection appraised before they are damaged.

(Note: If you have already sustained damage to your books your insurance company may still reimburse you if you have an appraisal performed based on a list of the books lost. Check with your agent about this).

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Hawley Cooke

Licensed Book Appraiser


Present and former clients.


Trade references. Booksellers and companies who know me and who can attest to my experience in the business.


*ABAA. Antiquarian Booksellers' Association of America.